Scale gloves made out of drinking cans

Many things can be made out of drinking cans. Some time ago I had the idea to use the sheets, that cover the opening. You know that stamped part which gets pushed inwards for opening the can. I made a pair of very light-weighting and flexible scale-gloves with them:

I removed the flat sheets from the cans and pierced three holes in each of them. Afterwards I started sewing them in rows on a ordinary working-glove. This works best, when you beginn near the wrist. A long and pointed pair of flat nose pliers can be usefull for handling the needle inside the glove. For sewing the fingers this won’t work well any more. Then it’s better to lead the point of the needle through two layers of leather at once, so that it comes out on the outside again. For that purpose you need to buckle the leather a little bit, what is only possible when the scales dont fit close to it. Therefore I threaded every whole row loose and thigthend it afterwards. It took around 500 scales for the pair of gloves. The parts, that cover the finger tips are made out of a thicker aluminium plate. I forged the parts in a homemade wooden swage.

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