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The following is a list of chosen sites about mail armour. I am not responsible for any of them.

Historical knowledge A report about restoring a mail shirt Armor of the 11. century in the middle of Europe Armour at about 1260 in Brandenburg, Germany Mail-garments in the 13. and 14. century History, manufactoring and protecting effects of mail Protruding essay about the history of mail Chronological table about known mail-garments Collection of 30 scientific Articles as pdf
Peter Beatson Mail from the ‘Garrison’ of Birka (Sweden)

Bauanleitungen What beginners might want to know first of all Making Rings and weaving whole garments Short instruction with many pictures Mail for LARP: Weaving instruction and hints Detailed instruction on riveted rings Making riveted and forge welded mail Instructions about various historical armor Making riveted mail with modern methods

Foren und Communitys A german forum The big international community Community around US merchant
Maillers Worldwide Community for mail jewelery

Sonstiges Mail-garments of a polnish reenactor Bavarian reenactment-group around 1250